Kumite Workshop on 16th & 17th July with Shian Bharat Sharma Registration Open


We welcome to the world of shotokan school karate do association, this association is nonprofit association and totally dedicated to teach karate specially girls and boys around the world. We serve our free service to the women for their self defense.

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Shotokan School Karate - Do Association of India is affiliated by KARATE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA and started in 1st April 2004 by Vijay Kumar who is 6Tth DAN Black Belt and Rishikesh kumar 5th dan black belt from JAPAN and Judge KUMITE A grade(Asian Karate Federation) and Coach of U.P Karate-Do Team.

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Our Instructors are born for Shotokan, believe in providing quality Shotokan instruction as a way of teaching young students discipline, proper social behaviour, self-control and "YES I CAN" attitude. We cultivate the habit of not giving up and to fight for one's rights under all circumstances.

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